Magic Orange Cost Transparency is powerful cloud based solution that enables control of company’s shared services costs and their allocation.

The software provides insights into a company’s spending, which will assist with decisions that enable to drive down costs and improve efficiency.

Born out of 20 years of frustration in the Business Intelligence market, where the ever-increasing data volumes, variety in data sources, complexity and advances in technology have required a different approach to data and transactional systems… fraXses is an innovative and disruptive software company specialising in Data Management, Analytical Software Development, Machine Learning and Smart Data advice.

Analycat’s Sue is a technology that allows experts to transfer their knowledge to computers. Sue gives an organization the ability to replicate the decisioning performance of the top experts throughout the organization. It then allows the company to manage outcomes and adjust the model to its changing needs. Virtual experts have near limitless capacity and can be integrated and deployed anywhere and in any operational environment.

Named “Leader” in 2018 Forrester New Wave for Digital Risk Protection – Digital Shadows monitors and manages an organization’s digital risk, providing relevant threat intelligence across the widest range of data sources within the open, deep, and dark web to protect their brand, and reputation.