Patrick Evans

A serial entrepreneur, Patrick has invested in the four megatrends (cloud, big data, mobile and business social), all underpinned by cybersecurity. He has a solid understanding of the digital world and the challenges companies’ face adapting and competing in an increasingly digital world, and the resilience required to protect private and personal information from theft or exploitation.

He is on the Board of two companies based in the UK, Fraxses Ltd and Analycat Ltd, each of which are in the emerging data world of enterprise data hubs and artificial intelligence, where he has focused on their go-to-market strategies, centered on turning organization-wide information into insights, thus creating organizational intelligence.

Prior to this Patrick, co-founded Foster-Melliar, which became a global leader in IT Service Management and cybersecurity, operating primarily in the US, Africa and the Middle East. Symantec acquired Foster-Melliar’s cybersecurity business in 2001, which led to his appointment to the Symantec EMEA leadership team.

With nearly three decades in cybersecurity, Patrick argues organizations need to make security transformation a cornerstone of any digital strategy.