ITIL 4 has been launched, and nfiniti3 is proud that one of its founders is playing a leading role.  David Cannon, veteran of 3 major industry shifts and ITIL v3 author, is lead editor and co-author of the new ITIL Leader book on Digital and IT Strategy.

In the emerging digital world there are two types of CIO.  Those who focus on how to introduce and manage the new technology demanded by the business;  and those who become business leaders that know how to exploit technology to grow their organization’s competitive advantage.

The ITIL Leader book is written for the second type of CIO – and technology-savvy business leaders.  It shows how they can make sense of a business landscape that has been disrupted by Digital and Information Technology, and how they can get their organizations from where they are today to where they want to be in the next 5 years.

ITIL started out as a set of best practices for IT Infrastructure Management, and quickly evolved to a guide for managing all of IT as a business unit.  The new version takes this to the next level.

ITIL 4 is all about business leadership and how to build, deliver and grow value.  It recognizes the dramatic changes in the industry that have made digital and information technology a part of everyday life for every employee, customer and consumer.

The role of CIOs and IT departments have changed, and they are about to change even more.  Cloud, mobile, AI, Machine Learning have broadened technology decision making and management into other business units.  Agile business approaches demand higher speed and new working practices.

Why not chat to David directly about ITIL 4 and what it means to YOU?  We are offering a limited number of customer engagements to enable CIOs and their Service Management teams get a solid understanding of what 4 means for them and their organizations.  Call David now, or click below, to request a complimentary Executive Briefing, 3-hour Workshop or an ITIL 4 Assessment.

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